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Talent Search

We provide in-depth industry talent search solutions for the shortage of middle and senior management, professional and technical talents, and industry-specific manpower shortages in different countries and regions. Through our customized and inclusive talent selection process, we ensure that we help you quickly find the right leadership talents and continue to support your business development

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Recruitment Process OutSourcing

In response to the recruitment needs of enterprises, we provide end-to-end, fully or partially customized process-based recruitment outsourcing solutions, and are responsible for the entire process of recruitment strategy formulation and improvement, recruitment system and process optimization, talent pool upgrade, recruitment channel expansion, employer brand strengthening, etc. , omni-channel management, helping companies build talent supply chains and achieve business goals.

Flexible Staffing

In response to personnel needs caused by talent shortages during the peak recruitment season, new projects, short-term replacement of employees, and tight staffing, we provide one-stop flexible employment services to support customers in improving organizational flexibility and reducing employment risks and costs.

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A Trustworthy Human Resources Service Partner

Win as One Firm

We have the spirit of the company, we have the development of development, we have the spirit of inclusion, we do not accept and disagree.

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Based on customer demand, new solution solution, super customer demand period.

Own the Results

The default goal is to achieve group strength, and Yuyu is in charge.

Always Act with Integrity

During the course of the development and development of the business, we adhere to the standards of business conduct and practice.


A Trustworthy Human Resources Service Partner

















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A Trustworthy Human Resources Service Partner

Talent is scarce and difficult to attract

In the context of innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading, highly sophisticated talents, as the core scarce resource of the talent chain pyramid, have become a top priority for enterprises and regions to introduce. However, high-tech talents are often not active job seekers, and their job search decisions are more cautious, making them difficult to discover and attract through conventional channels.

Difficulty delivering business requirements

The digital economy and industrial interconnection have accelerated the cross-border transformation of enterprises. Business models and products and services are undergoing rapid changes. At the same time, a large number of talent needs for core positions in emerging fields have emerged. The company's original talent resources, channels, manpower allocation, and time costs are limited, making it difficult to complete the recruitment task in a short time.

Cross-regional talents are difficult to identify

In the new market environment, many companies are accelerating their business expansion across regions and moving from domestic to overseas. They lack a clear understanding of cross-regional talent policies, market stocks, talent profiles, and talent costs, making it difficult to effectively attract and allocate them.